The Ultimate Guide to Chattanooga’s Riverwalk

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The Ultimate Guide to Chattanooga’s Riverwalk

If you are looking for something fun to do in downtown Chattanooga, then you have probably thought about swinging by the Chattanooga Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is a 13-mile riverside path that runs along the Tennessee River.

While many people are familiar with Knoxville and Nashville, Chattanooga is commonly overlooked. With so much charm though, that definitely shouldn’t be the case! Chattanooga has everything a visitor could ask for, from incredible vacation rental homes to great shopping, dining, and outdoor activities. There is always something fun going on in the downtown area, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails available, and the Riverwalk is a great way to blend nature with the buzz of the downtown area.

Regardless of whether you want to drive and park in one of the parking lots near the Riverfront, or if you want to rent an electric bike from Bike Chattanooga Wheland Foundry Station, downtown is easily accessible. The Chattanooga Riverwalk sometimes referred to as the Tennessee River Park, is a great place to spend the day with your friends, and family, or for some relaxing solo time. With so many things to do on the Riverwalk or in the nearby area, you’ll easily be able to spend a full day or longer here.

Here are 11 fun things to do around the Chattanooga Riverwalk:

1. Visit the Tennessee Aquarium

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If you are looking for something a bit more educational in the Scenic City, you might want to check out the Tennessee Aquarium. The Aquarium is a highlight in the city of Chattanooga, and with easy access off of the Riverwalk, it’s a great place to stop along the way.

This is an amazing location that has rotating attractions that are perfect for people of all ages. You might even want to check the calendar to see if there is a special show going on. The touch tank is one of the perfect locations for kids to learn about animals and cool off after a long day on the Chattanooga Riverfront. Then, once you have had your fill of air conditioner, you may want to check out Ross’s Landing, which is a great spot to hang out with friends and grab a drink.

2. Go For a Bike Ride

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One of the top activities to do on the Riverwalk is to go for a bike ride! If you swung by Bike Chattanooga to pick up your electric bike, you are pretty close to the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway! This is a great place for hikers and cyclists to get some exercise and explore the area.

Or, you might want to check out the New Deal reservoir, the Chickamauga Dam! You can find this tucked away near the North Shore, and it is one of the most popular bike rides. When you are ready to dismount, all bicyclists should consider going for a hike near the Blue Goose Hollow trailhead!

If you’re not much of a biker, walking or running the Riverwalk is also a great way to get some exercise while you take in the scenery.

3. Grab a Drink at Whiskey Thief

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If you are of age, then you might be looking for a bar that has some of the most creative cocktails in the local area. Whiskey Thief is one of the most popular rooftop lounges, and this amazing establishment has a wide selection of whiskeys. You can find it in the Edwin Hotel on the Tennessee Riverwalk, and it will provide you with some amazing views.

You can spot the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, the Hunter Museum of American Art, and the Bluff View Art District. You can also spot Walnut Street Bridge, which joins Coolidge Park to the City of Chattanooga. It is easy to see why this location is one of the most popular sports in the local area.

4. Check Out Ruby Falls

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Did you know that there are beautiful waterfalls in the local area as well? You should check out Ruby Falls. This is a series of multiple waterfalls that come together to create a scene like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

It has been active for more than 90 years, and it has welcomed visitors from all parts of the country since that time. Depending on how quickly you walk, it should take about 60 to 90 minutes to get to the falls. Make sure you bring a camera you can use to take pictures!

5. Visit Wanderlinger Brewing Company

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If you are in the mood for a nice, cold, adult beverage, then you should swing by Wanderlinger Brewing Company. This brewery is a bit off the Riverwalk but is worth the extra steps to check out.

This is one of the most popular breweries in the local area. The brewery has a wide selection, and there is always something new on tap. You may want to talk to one of the brewers to see what they recommend.

This is also a brewery that has ample outdoor seating, so you can relax in the sun as you enjoy your beer. You might want to take a look at the calendar ahead of time as well, as there are fun events that take place at this brewery from time to time.

6. Bite Into a Burger at the 3rd Deck Burger Bar

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If you are looking for a burger that is about the size of your face, then you will definitely want to take a closer look at the 3rd Deck Burger Bar. This is as close to the water as you can get without physically being in the water, and you will have enough food to keep you busy for a long time.

There are plenty of creative burgers on the menu, so this is a great opportunity for you to step outside of your comfort zone. You might want to see if they have any special on the Happy Hour menu as well.

7. Grab a Bite at the Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar

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If you are looking for a fun place to hang out with your family members and friends, you should definitely swing by Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar. This establishment has plenty of outdoor seating where you can kick back and relax. This is also one of the best locations to take in amazing river views.

This restaurant is located very close to the Citgo River and the local Rowing Center, and it is a great place to go after you have worked up an appetite. You can take in some live entertainment, enjoy your cold beer, and have all the seafood and barbecue you can eat.

8. Check Out the Creative Discovery Museum

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If you are looking for a place to get out of the heat while also enjoying an educational exhibit, the Creative Discovery Museum is definitely the place to go. There are lots of exhibits for people of all ages, and it will certainly keep the children busy if you want to take a break.

There are also some special shows that take place from time to time, so you may want to talk to a staff member to see if there is anything unique happening. The exhibits also change from time to time, so do not hesitate to ask if there is anything new on display.

9. Head to the Top of Lookout Mountain

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If you are looking for the best views of the local area, consider heading to the top of Lookout Mountain. While this isn’t an activity to do on the Riverwalk, it will provide you with excellent views of the Tennessee River, Chattanooga in general, and even a few states at once!

For those really looking to break a sweat, the hike up is a great one. For a quicker visit to the top, it’s accessible by car and a quick drive up from downtown Chattanooga.

Get Ready for Some Fun Down By the Chattanooga Riverwalk

The Chattanooga Riverwalk in Hamilton County is frequently overlooked regarding the best locations to visit in the southeast, but it certainly has a lot to offer.

If you are someone who enjoys being active, you will certainly have your fill of activity down by the river; however, this is also a great place to visit if you are simply looking for a place to kick back and relax.

There is something for everyone down by the river.