The Absolute Best Time to Visit Chattanooga

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The Absolute Best Time to Visit Chattanooga

Do you want to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee? There is a lot to do in Chattanooga but some of the things you can enjoy depend on the time of year you visit.

Even though a lot of people love to take advantage of the warm weather, there are a lot of fun things to do throughout downtown Chattanooga and the surrounding area at all times of the year.

Chattanooga is not that far from Atlanta, Nashville, or Knoxville, and there are delicious restaurants, fun festivals, and amazing sites that everyone should see. Depending on the average temperature outside, different activities might be better for different people.

Take a look at some of the best events you should take advantage of in Chattanooga throughout the year.

Chattanooga in the Fall

If you plan on visiting Chattanooga in the fall, there are a few fun activities you need to explore. They include:

  • Explore the Hiking Trails: There are a lot of fun hiking trails scattered throughout Chattanooga. Even though it is still warm outside in Chattanooga during the fall, the average high is a lot lower than it is during the summer. Therefore, it might be the best time to check out some of the hiking trails. You may even want to make your way up to Lookout Mountain!
  • Check Out the Chattanooga Market: If you want some fresh produce, you need to swing by the Chattanooga Market. This is one of the best locations to try out some fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. You might even be able to get a few free samples!
  • Check Out the Fall Foliage: When the leaves begin to change color, there is nothing quite like that. During your getaway, you need to check out some of the trees in the surrounding area! The symphony of orange, yellow, and red is unlike anything you have ever seen.
  • Free Concerts in the Fall: You should also take advantage of some of the free fall concerts! Even though the high temperature is still hot during the day, it is usually quite pleasant in Chattanooga in the evenings. A live music festival is a great way to spend an evening!

These are just a few of the many fall activities you may want to take advantage of.

Chattanooga in the Winter

There are plenty of fun activities during the winter in Chattanooga. A few of the most popular options include:

  • Visit the Tennessee Aquarium: When it gets too cold outside, consider heading and doors. You may want to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. This is a great opportunity to learn about different types of marine life, and they have a lot of interesting lectures that take place from time to time.
  • Check Out the Hunter Museum of American Art: Another fun activity you may want to take advantage of during the winter is to visit the Hunter Museum of American art. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the artwork from some of the top artists in the world. The exhibits rotate from time to time, so remember to come back often.
  • Check Out the Enchanted Garden of Lights: One of the top winter activities in the Chattanooga area is the Enchanted Garden of Lights. You should expect them to have some amazing displays during the Christmas holidays! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful light display!

There are plenty of fun activities in Chattanooga during the winter, so consider adding a few of these to your list!

Chattanooga in the Spring

When spring rolls around, the precipitation may start to increase; however, there are still plenty of fun activities. They include:

  • Visit the Chattanooga Zoo: One of the most popular day trips in Chattanooga is the Chattanooga Zoo. There are amazing animals of all shapes and sizes you may want to see at the Chattanooga Zoo. You may even want to sign up for a tour!
  • Check Out the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum: Another popular indoor activity is the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Railroads are an important part of Chattanooga’s history, so consider taking a look at some of the exhibits! If you are lucky, you might even be able to go for a ride on an old-time railroad!
  • Learn About Chattanooga’s History: Chattanooga played an important role in the Civil War, with numerous battles in Chattanooga and nearby Chickamauga. If you are a history buff, you may want to check out some of the Civil War battlefields and learn about what it was like more than 150 years ago.
  • Go Whitewater Rafting: Late in the spring, it can get hot in Chattanooga, so you may be looking for a way to cool off. If that is the case, consider signing up to go whitewater rafting on one of the nearby rivers! There are whitewater rafting adventures for people of all ages, so you can find something perfect for you and your party.

There is a lot that happens in Chattanooga during the spring, so be sure to take a look at the calendar to see if there are any special events going on during your visit.

Chattanooga in the Summer

Of course, there are lots of fun activities during the summer as well. They include:

  • Relax by the North Shore: If you are looking for a great way to cool off, consider relaxing by the North Shore. You may even want to go for a dip to cool off! This is a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the summer.
  • Take Advantage of the Summer Concert Series: You may want to check out the summer concert series! There are lots of bands that come from all over the world to perform in Chattanooga. You may even hear one of them perform the Chattanooga Choo Choo!
  • Cool Off on the Tennessee River: One of the best ways to cool off is to go for a dip in the Tennessee River. There are plenty of kayak and canoe rentals available, and you might even want to sign up for a tour with a travel guide! That way, you don’t miss out on an opportunity to check out an underground waterfall!
  • Enjoy Riverfront Concerts: You may want to take advantage of a few concerts that happen on the riverfront during the summer. There are lots of bands who show up for food and beer festivals during the summer, and many of the concerts even offer free admission. Take a look at the concert calendar for the summer, and make sure you don’t miss out!

Clearly, there is a lot going on during the summer. If you are of age, you might even want to consider signing up to take a tour of a brewery or a distillery! Don’t miss out on everything Chattanooga has to offer during the summer.

Find the Perfect Place To Stay in Chattanooga

So what’s the best time to visit Chattanooga? Well, I’m partial to fall when the weather is cooler, there are less crowds on the trails, and the fall foliage is at its prime. Your answer might be different than mine though based on which activities you’re most looking forward to enjoying.

These are just a few of the many opportunities available in Chattanooga during different times of the year. If you want to enjoy everything Chattanooga has to offer, make sure you find a perfect vacation rental! That way, you can spend as much time as possible hanging out in the heart of the action!